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Water ski  and sports camp 17.04-28.04

Every parent and child know the following situation – f Sukkot vacation is coming, you are looking for an original idea to help the youngsters pass the time but you don't seem to find something that everyone will like. If you're looking for a cool activity – we have good news for you: LAKE surfing camp awaits you.

Enrollment has recently started for the Passover surfing camp at LAKE TLV. The camp is suitable for children aged nine and up, with and without previous experience in surfing. The camp is held here in Lake Park Menachem Begin in Tel Aviv and is taught by experienced and professional instructors.

What will we during the camp?

Participants come every morning to the lake, and enjoy fun activities until noon.  The main Activity is of course the water ski itself which include learning and practicing different techniques. In addition – we combine learning SAP, acrobatic training, professional mountain bike cycling, walking on a rope -slack Line. We will Hold meetings with top-class professional surfers in the world and a lot more surprises – all in and around the pastoral huge water park lake. There is no doubt that it is much more fun and healthy than to spend the day in front of the TV and the PC.

Details and registration

Participation in suitable both boys and girls, divided into age groups. The training is done personally and adapted to each participant and he's capabilities. The camp includes a delicious and nutritious breakfast a, free drinks and lunch option. Sound fun? Parents are invited for breakfast and coffee by the lake.

The camp will be on July between the 5 to the 30 of the month (4 cycles).

On August the camp will take place between the 2 to the 27 of the month (2 cycles).

Sunday to Thursday between the hours 08:30-13:30

The price for two weeks cycle 2200 Nish

For one week 1250 Nish

*option to apply to more cycles

Option to apply for one day in the price of 300 Nish

Option for lunch in addition of 200 per weekly cycle


מחנה סקי מים – Lake TLV from Miki and Noam Video on Vimeo.

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Tel Aviv

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We are looking forward to your participation Lake Tlv

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פארק מנחם בגין (פארק דרום), תל אביב

הירשם לרשימת התפוצה

שעות פתיחה:

שעות פתיחה:
ראשון 10:00-22:00
שני 10:00-22:00
שלישי 10:00-22:00
רביעי 10:00-22:00
חמישי 10:00-22:00
חדש חדש >>> כרטיסיית לילה 5 ניקובים ב350 בלבד לגלאי 16 ומעלה מהשעה 20:00
שישי 10:00-16:00
שבת  09:00-17:00

מבצע שישי שבת בוקר למזמינים בשעתיים הראשונות שעת גלישה אחת ב 75 ₪
חייבים להתקשר להזמין בכל ימות השבוע גם חברי מועדון

זמני קבלת קהל משתנים במהלך השבוע ולכן חובה להתקשר להזמין מקום מראש. עדכון השעות בסטורי או באינסגרם

שעת גלישה:

שעה ראשונה – 110 ש"ח

שעתיים – 170 ש"ח

סקי פס יומי – 350 ש"ח

השכרת וויקבורד – 20 ש"ח

יש לתאם הגעה מראש!

כדאי להתעדכן בעמוד האינסטגרם שלנו על המבצעים המשתנים

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