Terms of Use – Form

Terms of Use of the Site’s Facilities

(Worded in masculine form solely for convenience purposes, albeit the content is directed at females and males alike)

I hereby declare and undertake as follows:

(In the event of a parent signing, the parents' declarations and undertakings refer of course to the minor)

  1. I undertake to comply with the site operators instructions and to act pursuant to their guidelines..
  2. I declare that I saw and understood the training movie and the explanatory signs.
  3. I am aware that during the course of the activity, I must wear a buoyancy belt and helmet and it is prohibited to remove them until the activity has ended and I am out of the water.
  4. I declare that I know how to swim and I have no problem getting out of the water being fully confident with the Ski equipment.
  5. I understand that water skiing with ropes is considered an extreme sport that is likely to cause injuries. I do not have and will not have any allegations against the site operators and/or anyone on their behalf and I release them of any liability in the event of bodily injuries.
  6. I declare that I do not suffer from any medical disability that is likely to put me at risk during the course of the activity at the site and undertake to notify the site management immediately upon the occurrence of any safety or health incident during my time at the site.
  7. I am aware that the site management is not liable for my personal belongings and equipment and I release the site operators of any liability for the equipment and belongings even if stored in a locker.
  8. I am aware that the use of the diving board and other facilities that exist at the lake is dangerous and I am prohibited from using them other than in accordance with special permission from the site operators After undergoing special training for this purpose
  9. The site management operates a complex and large skiing site and it is possible that there will be various faults during the course of the routine operation. The site management undertakes to execute the necessary repairs efficiently and as quickly as possible and may, for this purpose, restrict the activity at the site.
  10. I am aware that terminating my activity at the site before the end of the “rope time” that I purchased will not entitle me to any refund.
  11. I hereby agree that I will be video recorded during the skiing activity and I am aware that my photographs may be uploaded to the operator’s website (in the event you do not agree, please delete this section).
  12. I hereby confirm by my signature below that I read this document in its entirety and understood all of its content.
  13. Ski equipment received will be used only to me while browsing, surfing finals should be returned to local ski equipment

טופס תנאי שימוש - אנגלית

  • * Optional, I agree to receive special offers and events
  • שדה זה הינו למטרות אימות וצריך להישאר ללא שינויים.

פארק מנחם בגין (פארק דרום), תל אביב

הירשם לרשימת התפוצה

שעות פתיחה:

שעות פתיחה:
ראשון 10:00-22:00
שני 10:00-18:00
שלישי סגור
רביעי סגור
חמישי 12:00-22:00
חדש חדש >>> כרטיסיית לילה 5 ניקובים ב350 בלבד לגלאי 16 ומעלה מהשעה 20:00
שישי 10:00-16:00
שבת  10:00-17:00

מבצע שישי שבת בוקר למזמינים בשעתיים הראשונות שעת גלישה אחת ב 75 ₪
חייבים להתקשר להזמין בכל ימות השבוע גם חברי מועדון

זמני קבלת קהל משתנים במהלך השבוע ולכן חובה להתקשר להזמין מקום מראש. עדכון השעות בסטורי או באינסגרם

שעת גלישה:

שעה ראשונה – 110 ש"ח

שעתיים – 170 ש"ח

סקי פס יומי – 350 ש"ח

השכרת וויקבורד – 20 ש"ח

יש לתאם הגעה מראש!

כדאי להתעדכן בעמוד האינסטגרם שלנו על המבצעים המשתנים

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