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LAKE TLV – Wakeboarding Tel Aviv and water skiCenter

Welcome to the biggest and leading water ski site in Israel.
Located in the middle of a green park in south Tel Aviv – LAKE TLV offers a variety of water-skiing experiences.
Practice inour School for water ski and wakeboard, Watch world championships, meet the best riders in Israeland enjoy the leading extreme sport facility in the Middle East.
The cable allows everyone to do water ski. It is suitable for both inexperienced amateurs and professionals thatuse it for training and competitions. The Cable water skiing activity is appealingfor everyone, from young children to adventure sports enthusiasts. The site is open to private users, and is also suitable as a place of recreation for families, groups of friends, companies that are looking for a fun activity for workers, private events and more…
We are located in park Menachem Begin (also called "Park Darom"), which isin the south of Tel Aviv. The park offers a variety of other activities such as fitness facilities, bike trails, lawn areas, and more. The site is located in one of the most beautiful areas in the center, next to the renewed Sharon park, and offers in the heart of the noisy urban area, a place you can spend a relaxed and calm time, enjoy the greenery, and all that while exercise enjoyable sport. Lake awaits you!

Opening Hours
The site is open all year round, although the cable's hours vary depending on of the days of the week and season.
It is recommended to call us at 03-7391168 or send an email to info@laketlv.co.il and we will be happy to provide you more information!

Price list:
First hour – 110 NIS including training and equipment
(skis + helmet + life vest)
Two hours – 170 NIS
Private Lesson – 220 NIS
Daily ski pass – 300 NIS
Wakeboard rental – 20 NIS
Up To 5 Hours Skiing including wakeboard

Reservations By WhatsApp: +972-515963168
Bus Lines From Tel Aviv To LAKE TLV 204 | 304 | 236 | 16

waze navigateAddress:
Biranit St 16
Tel Aviv

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      שעות פתיחה:

      שעות פתיחה השבוע:
      יום א׳: 10:00-18:00
      יום ב׳: 10:00-18:00
      יום ג׳: 12:00-18:00
      יום ד׳: 10:00-18:00
      יום ה׳: 10:00-18:00
      יום ו׳: 10:00-14:00
      יום ש׳: 10:00-17:00

      יש לשריין מקומות בטלפון ☎️ 077-9966245
      מבצע שישי למזמינים בשעה 10:00 או 11:00 כרטיס ב 75 ₪
      מבצע שבת למזמינים בשעה 10:00 או 11:00 כרטיס ב 75 ₪

      זמני קבלת קהל משתנים במהלך השבוע ולכן חובה להתקשר להזמין מקום מראש. עדכון השעות בסטורי או באינסטגרם

      שעת גלישה:

      שעה ראשונה – 110 ש"ח

      שעתיים – 170 ש"ח כל שעה נוספת 60 ש"ח

      סקי פס יומי – 350 ש"ח כולל וויקבורד

      השכרת וויקבורד – 20 ש"ח

      יש לתאם הגעה מראש!

      כניסה למים בשעות עגולות.
      *יש להגיע כחצי שעה לפני שעת ההזמנה כדי לקבל ציוד והדרכה.

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